URDT v4.0 streaming service


Build own player:



*required: (mode, title, url),

mode: choose between nativeradio or jplayer,
title: your stream title,
url: your stream direct url. Example: (http://stream.urdt.lv:8000/demo-stream or http://stream.urdt.lv:8003/demo-stream.mp3)
example: http://stream.urdt.lv/api/?mode=nativeradio&title=【G】radio&url=gradio&autoplay=1

optional: (size, color, pause, poster),

size: for nativeradio mode only (small or big) default: big,
pause: deprecated use instead autoplay (1 or 0) default: 1, that meens stream paused when load,
autoplay: (1 or 0) default: 1, that meens stream will autoplay when load,
color: for nativeradio mode only valid hex color codes,
example: http://stream.urdt.lv/api/?mode=nativeradio&title=【G】radio&url=gradio&size=small&color=ab2d2d&pause=0
poster: for jplayer mode only (your stream logo image url with or without: http://),
example: http://stream.urdt.lv/api/?mode=jplayer&title=【G】radio&url=gradio&pause=0&poster=stream.urdt.lv/img/urdt-logo-transparent.png

Iframe examples: