Low cost stream hosting service for Shoutcast & Icecast

Audio Stream Hosting

Shoutcast (v1.0 - v2.0) & Icecast streaming servers
  • No adverts!,
  • If no source playing, server self play randomly your uploaded mp3 tunes (*SC Only),
  • Multiple scheduled dj logins (*SC Only),
  • 5 days, for free u can test your streams,
  • Low cost hosting, 7 € per month,
  • Quality from 96 kbps up to 320 kbps,
  • 2 streams for each client (first for mp3, second for aacv2 or ogg to play in media players),
  • ... up to 1000 real listeners provide,
  • Direct stream links,
  • Flash & HTML 5 player embed code for websites,
  • 99% server uptime.
*SC - ShoutCast
Contact Us: stream@urdt.lv


Big Natvie Radio flash player demo

Small Natvie Radio flash player demo
jPlayer demo example

For Shoutcast v2.0 test:

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Stream will be up after about 3 hours, or rapidly ;)

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